The Anti-Corruption Unit would like to announce to the public that the accused, person Lim Kumpheak, sex:male, Khmer nationality, age 48, occupation: clerk has been accused by the Court of First Instance on accomplice for bribe taking at the Kandal Provincial Court of First Instance who has conspired to commit the offence with ..Read more..
The Anti-Corruption Unit announces that Mr. Pich Kong You, Sex:male, Khmer nationality, age:43, who is the owner of Reatry Richreay Restaurant, was accused of Kidnapping and Illegal detention with his companions, Mr. Tob Chan Serey Voth, the former prosecutor at the Court of First Instanceof Pur Sat Province, ..Read more..
Subject: Request for the intervention for not using the name of the Anti-Corruption Unit as the name of a news agency.
A stated in the above subject, and based on the information I have obtained, Mr. Ros Sokhin has an intention to name his news agency scheduled to be published soon, which may cause confusion that it is the news agency of the Anti-Corruption Unit. ..Read more..
On 09th December 2011, which is the International and National Day of Fighting Against Corruption, the Anti-Corruption Unit and non-governmental organization, PACT under the sponsorship of DANIDA including the public and artiste organized the concert, poem contest, joke, giving award to poem writers, ..Read more..
At the General Secretariat of the Senate, the workshop held under the theme of “The implementing of Anti-Corruption Law and recent progress related to activities in fighting against corruption”, organized by General Secretariat of the Senate. ..Read more..
The national workshop held in Phnom Penh under the theme “Dissemination of Anti-Corruption Law”, organized by ACU. This disseminating workshop held to make the managements, officials from all 39 Ministries/Government Agencies, Phnom Penh municipality, ..Read more..
Mr. Tob Chan Serey Vuth, a prosecutor, was arrested on a corruption case. ..Read more..
he workshop under the theme “Anti-Corruption Law Dissemination” organized by ACU with the cooperation from Phnom Penh municipality.
The objective of the workshop is to make the managements and officials from Phnom Penh municipality and concerned ..Read more..
The workshop held in Sihanouk province under the theme “Legal Procedures related to all concerned national and international NGOs as stipulated in Anti-Corruption Law”, organized by Diakonia Organization. ..Read more..
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