Press Release Workshop on Evaluation and Monitoring on Anti-Corruption Efforts ..Read more..
Announcement on the 32nd Session of National Anti-Corruption Council (Friday 30 August, 2013) ..Read more..
Citizens of Slor Kram, Kouk Chork, Svay Dangkum, and Sala Kamreuk Communes, Siem Reap Municipality, Siem Reap Province ..Read more..
Announcement on the 31st Session of National Anti-Corruption Council (Wednesday 31st July, 2013) ..Read more..
Letter of Condolences To Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen ..Read more..
Training Course on Labor Lw and Related Legal Instruments ..Read more..
Dissemination of Law on Anti-Corruption Over 27 Communes in Phnom Penh Capital City ..Read more..
The Result of the International Seminar attended by the delegation from Anti-Corruption Unit held in China from 22-26 June, 2013 ..Read more..
Request for the oversight and action taken against the case of accusing H.E Ms. Norng Boeun and the Director of Department of Personnel and colleagues for a collusion of demanding unofficial payment from officials of the Ministry of Information in favor of upgrading and transferring of the cadre scale and having the eligibility to be the applicant for the examination. ..Read more..
Response made to the citizens having doubts related to Phnom Penh capital traffic police official fined the noncompliant drivers without issuing the fire receipt ..Read more..
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