Announcement on the 38th Session of National Anti-Corruption Council (Monday 24th February, 2014) ..Read more..
Anti-Corruption Unit is Seeking to arrest the accused named CHEA SOPHAL, THE ACCUSED OF CORRUPTION OFFENCE ..Read more..
PRESS RELEASE ..Read more..
the Anti-Corruption Unit has received a complaint accusing Mr. DEUB NALEN, an official of the Cambodian Mine Action and Victim Assistance Authority for having not working for the office for the period of 6 years ..Read more..
Announcement on the 37th Session of National Anti-Corruption Council (Wendesday29st January, 2014) ..Read more..
Cambodia hosts the 19th Steering Group Meeting and the 8th Regional Anti-Corruption Conference ..Read more..
Workshop result on China Discipline Inspection and Supervision from 2nd to 22nd December, 2013 ..Read more..
ACU Kindly notifies the embezzlement of the amount of 1,225,000,000.00 riel by Mrs SOK RANY the director of Takeo Province Vocational Training Center. ..Read more..
Announcement on the 36th Session of National Anti-Corruption Council (Tuesday 31st December, 2013) ..Read more..
Country Visit of Cambodia’s delegation to Malta under UNCAC Implementing Review Mechanism from 10-13 November, 2013 ..Read more..
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