The Outcomes of the 14th Principals Meeting of the ASEAN Anti-Corruption Agencies ..Read more..
Two Officials of the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) Attended the 2018 Workshop for Anti-Corruption Officials from Development Countries (Term 2) ..Read more..
The ASEAN Anti-Corruption Agencies will convene its 14th Annual Meeting Singapore ..Read more..
Press Release On Result of the participation in Seventh Session of the Assembly of Parties of International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) 27-28 September 2018 Vienna, Austria ..Read more..
6 Participants of Anti-Corruption Unit Attended the 2018 Seminar on Chinese Language and Culture for Diplomats of Developing Countries ..Read more..
Press Release On Signing Memorandum of Understanding On Cooperation between Anti-Corruption Unit & Cambodia Fiber Optic Communication Network Co., Ltd ..Read more..
Result On the dissemination reports of 51st AMM/PMC and Related Meetings August 7, 2018 ASEAN Secretariat, Jakarta,Indonesia ..Read more..
Six ACU Participants Attended the 2018 Seminar on Anit-Corruption Officials for Developing Countries (I) 01-20 July, 2018 China Academy of Discipline Inspection and Supervision (CADIS) ..Read more..
The Outcomes of the 14th SEA-PAC Secretariat Meeting 18-19 July, 2018 Manila, Philippines ..Read more..
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