The Concert to celebrate the National Anti-Corruption Day 09th December
On 09th December 2011, which is the International and National Day of Fighting Against Corruption, the Anti-Corruption Unit and non-governmental organization, PACT under the sponsorship of DANIDA including the public and artiste organized the concert, poem contest, joke, giving award to poem writers, and poem reciters to celebrate and support the fight against corruption. There were approximately 900 participants from National Anti-Corruption Council, Anti-Corruption Unit, anti-corruption focal persons of each ministry-institution, international guests and NGOs, municipality deputy governor, lined offices of municipality, governor and deputy governor of Khan, students and people of the eight Khan of Phnom Penh Municipality.
Mr. Eric Bergthold said that Pact has been working in Cambodia for twenty years and have worked alongside the Government of Cambodia, civil society, the private sector and the Cambodia people to assist in moving forward good governance and anti-corruption reforms. In a household survey of corruption in Cambodia conducted by Pact in 2010, fighting corruption was stated as a high priority for Cambodia. On the positive side, the perceptions of Cambodian people that the government has a sincere desire and will to combat corruption has improved significantly.
As a civil society organization, Pact is also happy to work with the ACU and other civil society organizations to fight corruption. This is extremely important because fighting corruption requires the participation of everyone. We must complement and support each other. At that event H.E. Mr. OM Yentieng, Senior Minister, President of the Anti-Corruption Unit has mentioned that:
The joint for national and international day, the joint activities of the government, the people, and the NGOs have clearly shown that the international community, the Cambodian nation, our sacred King, SamdechTecho Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Cambodian people, government officials, and NGOs share the same concernsand have the same commitment in fighting corruption in order to guide the ship of Cambodia to reach the coast of happiness.
This 09th December Day and this concert will make us, the international and national community, the government, the people, and non-governmental institution, get closer and stronger in the fight against corruption. The fight against corruption is a hard and complicated task and challenging, which the Anti-Corruption Unit alone cannot successfully do this work; it requires the mass participation from all walk of life. So far small or big successes in fighting against corruption actually have resulted from the participation of national and international organizations, government as well as the public. Three pronged approaches to fight against corruption are as follows:
1. Education measure: to encourage the public, people, and everyone not want to corrupt;
2. Prevention and Obstruction measures: to make individuals cannot corrupt; and
3. Law Enforcement: to make individuals dare not corrupt.
Don’t want to corrupt, cannot corrupt, and dare not corrupt are the guidance highlighted by International community and Samdech Techo Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia. Through this guidance and with the will of fighting corruption and the spirit of solidarity in fighting against corruption, we will build a clean, just, developed, and prosperous Cambodia.
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